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Working with a Strata Management Company

There are many ways to find a strata management company with a reputation for providing helpful, reliable strata management services. Members of the strata council can ask friends and coworkers who own strata lots in other strata corporations for recommendations. Additionally, many strata management companies providing strata management services identify their services, and other information about themselves, through websites found on the internet.


The strata council may wish to discuss with each potential strata management company the range of services, knowledge and other matters, such as the following, before choosing to contract with a strata management company:

  • years of direct industry experience of the strata management company and the proposed strata manager;
  • any professional memberships or additional certifications;
  • number of strata corporations being managed by the strata management company, each strata manager engaged by the company, and, specifically, by the proposed strata manager;
  • administrative staff available to support the proposed strata manager;
  • whether contractors/service providers engaged by the strata corporation will be replaced by those typically used by the strata management company/strata manager, if different;
  • format/style of financial reports, minutes and other documents being prepared by the strata management company on behalf of the strata corporation;
  • references from other strata corporations being managed by the strata management company/proposed strata manager; and
  • whether any disciplinary actions have been taken by the Council against either the strata management company or the proposed strata manager.

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