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Today’s condo market has meant strong demand and little supply, with the rise of land value now outstripping the building’s worth. With or without the Stress test and with or without any rate changes, prices WILL continue to go up as supply simply cannot keep up with demand.


Its an exciting time to Buy and Sell in BC! and if you're thinking you can't afford to enter the market, think again! and if you're an investor looking to invest more, there are ways to do that as well.

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“There is a huge appetite for industrial income producing product, which has been increasing over the past few years. The key drivers for investors are tenants with good covenants in long-term leases or rental upside potential in markets with low vacancy. It goes without saying the biggest demand is for Class A, high ceiling distribution space or newer multi-tenant facilities. With these in short supply, there is also a lot of demand for older multi-tenant buildings with low vacancy.”


Like any investment, there are always a number of factors to consider before you sign the dotted line. From surrounding infrastructure to location, look for key demands that are currently driving the market.

Ceiling heights: Depending on the type of tenant you want to attract, ceiling heights are always an important consideration. In general, 26’ ceilings are often sufficient for companies that need less than 50,000 square feet. However, larger users typically require 32’ to even 40’. Retailers who are doing their own distribution typically fall into this category, as do third party logistics companies, who require flexibility with their storage as contracts are won and lost.


Chris MacCauley, Senior Vice President at CBRE Limited, is seeing even greater demand. “Automation groups are now looking at 40’ to 60’ ceiling heights. However, the issue in some industrial areas will be the poor soil conditions that will prohibit these heights or higher, or require substantial expense that may make the building not financially feasible.”


Strata: In Western Canada, the industrial real estate industry is made up of two types of markets: those that are owned (called strata in B.C.) and those that are not. While some feel strata limits tenants, others believe it helps create a more stable market.


“A typical profile of a strata purchaser is a local owner occupier or investor, as national companies or foreign investors to date have not been active in the strata market. The bulk of strata buyers are purchasing unit sizes under 5,000 square feet, and very few over 15,000 square feet,” said MacCauley. “Strata also gives an investor the opportunity to own industrial real estate at a value that may be more palatable,”

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Vancouver’s booming suburb to the southwest won’t be a suburb for much longer. Within the next decade Surrey will overtake Vancouver as B.C.’s largest city. Around 10,000 new residents move to Surrey each year, and the entire South Fraser region – which includes Langley and Abbotsford – is projected to absorb 70 per cent of the entire region’s population growth over the next 25 years.


South Surrey/White Rock is separated by farmland from the rest of the city, and is a focus for new single-family homes and townhouse construction.


Newton is the heart of Surrey’s South Asian community, while Guildford and Fleetwood are more traditionally suburban in character.


Cloverdale to the west has a rural flavour on the Langley border. And then there is Surrey’s new downtown, Surrey City Centre, where the 52-storey 3 Civic Plaza hotel and condo tower completes this year, and an eight-building medical-technology office hub is under construction, along with multi-family condominium projects.

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So, you're thinking that the "stress test" will make it harder for you to Buy...Think again


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Both Vancouver and Toronto’s housing markets are poised for major long-term price growth, according to a top economist with one of Canada’s big five banks.


Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist of CIBC World Markets, drew that conclusion when looking at whether there’s a chance in the short term for prices to marginally flatten or soften. “I think that from a long-term perspective, everything we are doing is temporary. The fundamentals are way too strong offsetting all of that.”


In particular, Tal said, people will turn to private lenders and credit unions who are not affected by the new regulations and continue to pile into the Toronto and Vancouver markets — making both cities even more unaffordable.

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